NFC/HTTP gateway device

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    Hi everyone,

    First time posting here, I made a project you guys might be interested in. It's a little easy-to-use Wifi-enabled RFID reader. It's based on the ESP8266 and what it lets you do is connect it to your home wifi, then when you press a tag to its RFID reader, it sends the tag's ID as an HTTP POST request to any URL you want. The data is sent over JSON.

    I've put the source code up here: and it's pretty easy to set up and use if you're familiar with the ESP8266. I designed it to work best with the NodeMCU kit and the cheapo MFRC522 RFID modules.
    My build is pretty ghetto and looks like this:
    That fancy case was the former home of my son's bottle-nipples. I'm sure you guys can make it look much better than I have.
    If there's enough interest, I could design a PCB for this thing so it could be neater.

    Anyway, I hope it's useful to some of you. Thanks for looking!

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    I've added the schematic and PCB layout for the project here:


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    Very cool - what do you use it for?

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    Thanks Gregl! Right now I like using it with my Chromecast. On my server, I have a little script where I can associate Youtube videos to tag ID's. So when I press one, that Youtube video associated with that tag is sent right to Chromecast and begins playing. When my son is a little older, I can stick the tags on toys and books so when he touches them to the thing, it could play his favourite videos associated with those objects too.

    I also have a client whose office is really into ping-pong and I'll make one for them soon. Maybe they can use it to keep score or something. They already made a little web-app for that.

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