MQTT without radio?

  • Hello.
    I am fairly new to this. I was wondering if someone knew of a project with sensors and PiDome (or other controller) that uses cabled sensors?
    I haven't got my radios yet, but I am so eager to start my projects. I really want to get going with the stuff I already have, but struggle a bit to find a reference to a project that is similar to mine.
    I was hoping to use some PIR sensors and a few DHT11. Possibly also a few relays and a cam.
    If anyone would be kind enough to help me find a project that has some of these components, I would be gratefull.

    Thank you for reading.
    And thanks in advance for any help.


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    You could try an RS232 Gateway. A forum member made one a couple of months ago.

    I found this article with some links

  • Thanks a lot for this link.
    I will give it a serious shot, if I have the required parts.
    I really appreciate your help.

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