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  • I've just started playing with MyNodes and so far, it is REALLY GREAT! Thanks for all your hard work.

    Newbie question: All the MySensor nodes are created in the Main Panel. How do I move them to a different panel?

    The Dashboard gets really busy with just a single column of UI readings. Obviously this problem is solved if one splits up the Main Panel into multiple sub panels; ideally one panel per MySensor node. I know how to created a new panel, but there is no way to import the main panel. And in the Main Panel, I haven't found a way to export itself so I can import the MySensor nodes in the new sub panel.

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    Hi. Thank you for the positive feedback.
    Move nodes from the main panel to another - one of the functions in my task list for the future. Now I can only advise to make all the nodes in the new sub-panels.

  • @derwish said:

    Now I can only advise to make all the nodes in the new sub-panels.

    I tried that- I had a new sub-panel open and then went to the Main Panel and deleted the nodes. Unfortunately, the MySensor nodes were re-created in the Main Panel instead of the sub-panel. Is there a setting I missed that directs where they are created?

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    MySensor nodes are always generated in the main panel. I mean, I want to do that other existing nodes can be moved from the main panel to the sub-panels. I didn't think about MySensor nodes. Maybe I'll do so you can move them, too. But at the moment it is not possible.

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