nano serial gateway behaviour

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    I had a previously working serial gateway that no longer works, fails radio init fail. all the connections are the same, a capacitor is soldered onto the radio across gnd and 3v3 but the odd thing is that the led is flashing until i connect either putty or serial moniot in which case it goes off. Power led stays on ok and I get the annoying

    0;0;3;0;9;radio init fail

    on which ever I am connecting with. As soon as I disconnect the serial connection the led flashes again. I am waiting for a couple of new nanos so I can't swap over to another one. Any ideas? Is this something that always happens but I haven't noticed it?

  • Mod

    Could you try swapping the nrf? It might have broken.

  • @mfalkvidd
    I have swapped it amd still no good. The one that I swapped with has been working in the past as part of a motion sensor. Bit annoying, going to set another one up with a new capacitor. I don't have any more 4.7, will try a 10, not because I think that is an issue, just because I have to try something and that is the closest to 4.7 i have at the moment. I have a new bag on the way from HK. Will let you know what happens!

  • Well, it is working with a new nrf with a 10 uf cap soldered on. Can't understand why swapping for a known good one didn't work but puting in a new one did. The annoyances of building your own stuff I suppose. I will use the original one in something else and see if I can persuade it to work.

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