Error while compiling the Ethernet Gateway

  • Hello,

    I tried to change a few options and now I cannot compile the gateway with "#define WITH_LEDS_BLINKING" in MyConfig.h:

    del:109: error: no matching function for call to 'MySensor::MySensor(MyTransportNRF24&, MyHwATMega328&, int, int, int)'
     MySensor gw(transport, hw /*, signer*/, RADIO_RX_LED_PIN, RADIO_TX_LED_PIN, RADIO_ERROR_LED_PIN);

    If I disable it, it complies fine. Any idea what the problem may be? I am using Arduino 1.6.7 on Windows

  • Hello,

    I have almost the same error when compiling ValloxSensor:

    ValloxSensor:351: error: no matching function for call to 'MySensor::MySensor(int, int)'

    MySensor gw(CE_PIN, CS_PIN);


    Propably the library has changed?

  • This only happens when #define WITH_LEDS_BLINKING" in MyConfig.h is set.
    Maybe @hek can help?

  • Admin

    I doubt we'll do any patches in 1.5 now.

    I suggest you make the jump to the development branch. It's soon ready for release.

  • @alexsh1
    in MyConfig.h #define WITH_LEDS_BLINKING" is commented out 😞


    • Information LEDs blinking
      // This feature enables LEDs blinking on message receive, transmit
      // or if some error occured. This was commonly used only in gateways,
      // but now can be used in any sensor node. Also the LEDs can now be
      // disabled in the gateway.

    // #define WITH_LEDS_BLINKING

    // The following setting allows you to inverse the blinking feature WITH_LEDS_BLINKING
    // When WITH_LEDS_BLINKING_INVERSE is enabled LEDSs are normally turned on and switches
    // off when blinking


  • In this case I do not understand.

    Perhaps, @hek is right. I have updated a few nodes to v2, but the GW was still v1.5.2
    The problem is that I do want signing and with all debug options, I just cannot get 36Kb compiled on my Arduino Uno (GW).

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