Problem with sending 3 messages at once to one node

  • Hi,

    Need help with troubleshooting.

    My situation:

    • MySensors protocol version 1.5
    • serial gateway (connected to RaspbrryPI)
    • 1 node controlling lights with relays (4 realys and 4 push buttons - light can be turn on with pushbutton and with a mysensors network + when using pushbuttons message about light state is generated to mysensors network) - (source code)

    When I'm trying to send 3 messages about turning on 3 lights node turn on only 2 lights.
    Sometimes it turn on 3 but very very rare.
    I'm using NodeRED, but also testing with simple python script (link) with the same result.

    Do you have any idea what can cause such symptoms? Where and how to start troubleshoot?

    Thanks in advance.


  • Mod

    Start looking at the debug output for the gateway and the node. They will give information whether the messages got through or not. Detailed information is available at

    If you get st=fail the message didn't get through. This is most often caused by power issues. See the link above for details on how to troubleshoot power issues.

  • Hi Catcher,

    IMHO it seems a bit odd to send 3 messages for turning on 3 lights connected to 1 node. Why not send a message that sends a byte in which the combination of the lights is set. 8 bits (1byte) can control 8 lights.

    As @mfalkvidd also says, look at the debug to see if you have messages that couldn't be delivered.

    Good luck,


  • @boozz I see your point, maybe I'll do this as you suggest - bit codding.
    My thinking was due to way how I want to do this in Node-RED:alt text

    @mfalkvidd I didn't check this yet, but rememebr that noticed messages st=fail earlier, but I'm using power supply 2.5A, so this should be enough, but will check this once again. And go through the debug guide.

    Anyway thanks guys for help.

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