[solved]Capacitor for radio module

  • Hi everybody,

    I'm a newbie in mysensor and electronics.
    I have found two values for the capacitor on the radio module:

    • 47µF in the wiring guide of radio module of mysensor
    • 4.7µF in this openhardware project


    What is the good value of this capacitor ?

    Thanks in advance for your help

  • @hannibal

    The purpose of the capacitor (use an elco for this) is to make sure that the voltage remains smooth (no ripple or sudden drops) by buffering a small amount of energy (capacity). From that point of view: the larger the value, the better.
    The next question would be if your source is able to supply the current to keep the capacitor filled. From that point of view a small capacitor would be the better choice, but too small would give you too less buffered capacity....

    The practicial approach is to test it; I've done that and I found out that a 4.7 uF was good enough. Up to values of 100 uF (never tested with higher values of elco's) worked as well, but these are larger....

    Better is worse than 'good enough'

    Have fun!



  • Ok, So I want to use 3 LR06 battery. It's compatible with the "standard radio wiring" (47µF)
    What to you mean by "elco" ? Electrolytic ?

    Thanks for your help 😉

  • @hannibal

    Elco is an abbreviation which stands for electrolytic capacitor (electrolitische condensator in Dutch). As I wrote the message I forgot it may not be an international abbrev.



  • Ok.
    Thanks for your help
    PS: How I can "close" my topic here ?

  • Admin

    @hannibal said:

    PS: How I can "close" my topic here ?

    The usual way of "closing" a topic is to edit the first post, adding [solved] to the subject.

  • OK, I will do that 😉

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