Wall Switches Solid State relay 1cm Square

  • I hope this is in the right Place , please feel free to a move to better topic if needed.
    First things first I would like to say a BIG thank you for this great site and ,Bruce Lacey,Henrik Ekblad,Olivier ,Mauti,Thomas Bowman Mørch,Pete Will,Patrick Fallberg and all other contributors .I am converted .
    I have Domoticz with quite a few sensors .
    I Promise once I am bit more solvent ,I will donate ,(at present no job).
    I’ll get to the point maybe some ones already investigated this ,but here we go
    wall lights a relays .Well relays can take up a bit of space ,well this seems like good alternate ,
    With Zero voltage switching .
    Measuring 1 cm square ,interested ??
    Manufacturer: SHARP
    Order Code: 1618487
    Manufacturer Part No PR39MF51YIPF

    Made by Sharp 39MF22 7 pin package <<Google it
    Well there did seems to be a bit of problem over here in the UK since ordering one would incur a £12 postage some company had a fixed postage for any order, making it silly to order unless you were ordering a crate .
    I did some googleing and found Farnell components a much better bet .
    I have tried tested 39MF22 with the relay Sketch, I did not add a snubber circuit ,but for me it works well.
    I was using X10 equipment before ,soon I will be changing all wall switch’s to Micro Nano plus a 39MF22 etc. with the

    limited available space ,it looks like I will be able gut the old X10 switch’s and replace with new electronics .
    There may be a issue with RF interference with component’s being in close proximity But as for me this works well with

    Zero voltage switching a nice touch .
    If you push me kick me,, I might put up some pictures of the converted X10 wall switch ,won’t be too pretty but might give

    you some ideas .
    Oh it seems to work fine with florescent lighting (tested) .
    The 39MF22 can handle 900mA and has an isolation voltage of 4kV
    Max Power just under 200 watt ,I believe

    Manufacturer: SHARP
    Order Code: 1618487
    Manufacturer Part No PR39MF51YIPF

  • Hi there !
    That is very interesting.
    Can you share some schematic how to wire things up ?? whad Zero voltage switching means ??

    i have also found AQH1213 which i guess is easier to obtain.

  • I think depends were you are around the world ,,as to how available it is .I live in the UK ,the was some other people who were using this in there project ,there was company supplying here ,but the had a fixed postage and packing of £12 !!! ,so it made it a bit silly ordering small mounts ,,but Farnell electronics are much better if your order is over £20 Free delivery .Here's the link
    to the parts I ordered .As you can see 190 Watts max ,I have tried with florescent lights and it is fine .
    NO Switching noise relays click these noooo noise 🙂
    Zero Voltage switching This were the the circuit switches power on or off at the point were the Ac wave cross's zero ,
    The result no interference when switching on or off (voltage spikes)
    Relays don,t have that ability.(Some one going to prove me wrong )

    I ordered 14 of them cost just over £20 ,(free delivery) I needed 9 for wall switch's ,,( so some pare )
    And only 1cm square !!
    All you have to do is connect pin3 from the Relay sensor Plus ground
    This unit really is easy to connect to relat switching unit
    PLEASE do remember you are dealing the MAINS power ,if you love LIFE be careful High voltages KIll !!

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    When I designed my wall switch insertable node I investigated such solutions a lot. These are good devices with excellent characteristics. Panasonic relays like AQH1213 are the best, i think (good enough and very inexpensive). But I chose classic relay as basic actuator for my board. I decided not to use small solid relays in basic configuration because:

    1. It's universal solution. Using classic relay we can connect 10A load.
    2. I use not standard relay mounting (see photos if you are interested). I connect relay via edge pcb and it requires only 10.2mm height. But smallest relatively reliable AC terminals have 10mm height. So there is no reason to use solid relay to reduce height.
    3. About surface. Finally we need power supply 🙂 If we need thin power supply we need a lot of surface and there is no critical difference between 1square santimeter or 2-3 square santimeters.

    But you are damn right about noise. So I plan to design additional edge pcb's to use solid relays like this on my board in applications where quiet is critical 😃

  • by the way, there is also AQH3223 which can handle up to 1.2A 🙂

  • There is also AQY210EH it's only 130mA but it could be useful for some LED's. It's about 2usd for 10pcs on aliexpress and they say it's optocoupler but it's actually SSR.



  • any idea how to achieve dimmer with that ?

  • Because these Switch power on ,off at the zero voltage point .
    Dimming is not possible ,I think ,
    One thing it does not need power ,you just connect pin 3 to low voltage side (opt-isolated)
    High voltage side just run live line through it .

  • isn`t AQH3223 non-zero cross ?

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