💬 In Wall AC/DC Pcb (with Relay) for MySensors (SMD)

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    @ragflyer - Thank you!

    I suggest using the ISCP to update firmware. There isnt any DTR (to reset) on the MysX (this design - its coming next revision).
    The box is 56mm wide and 43mm deep and the height is 24.6mm
    Uncluding the SSR relay sticking out its 29mm height.

  • Hi sundberg84,
    what's the status of this great project? can I produce the PCB? I want use this for sopstitute my current X10 plant based on around 20 micro module.
    only one question, I need to control light also by a traditional switch (momentary button) where a can connect the normal switch, A1 or A2 to GND is OK? in my case can be lot of distance from the node to switch, in some case more them 4 meters and the wire for control switch run in a same pipe to grid linee, can this plant create interference? what do you think to insert one optical cupolaed?

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    @fra290 - Hi!
    Status is that I have just received the updated new PCB and are planning to test them... but havent had the time.
    I have updated openhardware.io with 7.1 which is the latest and the one im testing.

    You can download the gerber or eagles files and manufacture.
    I have also made a request for the pcbhouses to add 7.1 so you can buy them from openhardware.io

    Its small revisions and I dont think there should be any major issues with 7.1

  • @sundberg84 Thanks for sharing this. I'm gathering the components and plan to build it soon when the PCB v7.1 is available.

    I do have a few questions if I may

    • with the Relay, is it important to have one that has zero crossover? E.g the difference between getting the G3MC-202PL over a G3MC-202P
    • what were you planning to use the 16Mhz oscillator for eventually?
    • do you see any issues if I build the first prototype using an ESP-12 (ESP8266 with onboard Serial WiFi running at 3.3v)?

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    1. It must depend on what you are planning to connect to the relay
    2. The oscillator is for the MCU - you can program a bootloader without it and use the internal.
    3. No issue - please do! Im glad i can make stuff that gets the community forward. Best of luck!

  • @sundberg84 said:

    It must depend on what you are planning to connect to the relay

    It would use it to switch on and off an external mounted lamp - so with a fixed Watt & Voltage. Probably an LED 220V Lamp. Should I avoid zero-crossover as I've read somewhere that zero-crossover can cause a surge current of perhaps 10 to 40 times the steady state current when switched on.

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    @Paul-Derbyshire - sorry, to be hones i missunderstood you.
    Most SSR sold for arduino are P and not PL it seems.

    "The light from the diode is beamed into a light-sensitive semiconductor that, in the case of zero-voltage crossover relays, conditions the control circuit to turn on the output solid-state switch at the next zero-voltage crossover. In the case of nonzero-voltage crossover relays, the output solid-state switch is turned on at the precise voltage occurring at the time."

  • hi, just an idea, do you think it is possible to add a current sensor to the PCB in order to add a power meter function to the node to monitor power consumption? say up to 20A

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    @Jose-Simoes - no clue about current sensors... sorry I just cant answer that at the moment.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @sundberg84 -hey, i was meaning something like the ACS712 Module, but add the ic to the PCB for better integration.

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    @Jose-Simoes said in 💬 In Wall AC/DC Pcb (with Relay) for MySensors (SMD):


    Well, to safe space and meet my goal to be able to have it so small so it fits inside a wallsocket i have excluded all sensors and included the MysX connector. This way every user can add their own sensor.

  • Hi, @sundberg84
    I'm really interested in this module. Maybe stupid question, but I'm very new with openhardware and would like to understand: if I will go and buy through the link provided (10xPCB for 15$), will I receive already assembled unit with all the parts, or I have to go and buy parts and assemble it myself?
    Thanks & Regards

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    @Justas Hello,

    yes you have to buy parts and assemble them yourself. 1.5$ by PCB is cheap, you can't have the components for this price 😉

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    you get the PCB only, then you have to buy all the components and solder them on the pcb 🙂
    If you aren't a lot familiar with soldering you could also evaluate Sonoff wifi relays 😉

  • Thanks, I also checked the parts list and found that total price is more than $14, so now I see how stupid my questions was 😉

  • and building it is 99% of the fun !

  • Very nice project. And it is so nice that you thought about the fuses for the power supply and the relais. 🙂
    I have two additional ideas:

  • Great project, thank you for sharing. Searching for a power supply i found your project which seems to fit my needs pretty well. What do you think are the main differences to the AC/DC/Double SSD Relay by Aproxx (https://www.mysensors.org/hardware/ac-dc-ssd-relay). I am mainly interested in the AC/DC conversion part.Would like to hear your opinion on that.

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    @exilit - sorry my friend, I have not studied the AC/DC/Double SSD Relay by Aproxx very closely.
    Mine is a bit smaller instead of 50x50 but he got 2 relays.





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