MySensors, Domoticz and RGBW LED Strip

  • Hello!

    I've finally started experimenting with MySensors in my new house – great fun! Tried a few switches, LEDs and sensors, slowly learning the system. I'm using Domoticz on a Raspberry Pi as controller.

    Now I'm trying to figure out a good way of doing this: I have an arduino with an RGBW LED strip. The arduino have different effects (like a fire effect and so on). I want to choose effects (with buttons or something similar on other nodes) by using a variable, where1 is a fire effect, 2 running water and so on. How do I do this? Is there a variable type that would fit this, or should I just use something like V_PERCENTAGE?

    Thanks all for the work on MySensors – seems to be easy to work with, and great fun!

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    @MarcusG in Domoticz there is a 'selector' type switch. link

  • Thanks for the tip! I've tried to read a bit about the selector, haven't quite figured it out yet. Also, domoticz gave me some javascript errors when working with setting up the selector. I'll look at it more later, for testing I'm now using a dimmer (to get 14 different values)...

  • WHat kind of child do i need to use the selector switch in domoticz?

    Im also trying to make a node that can activate different effects on a ws2811 led strip.

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    @Tore-André-Rosander said:

    WHat kind of child do i need to use the selector switch in domoticz?

    Anything that allows multiple levels, I think S_DIMMER is the most logical choice.

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