HLK-PM01 reliability and experience

  • Dear all,
    I have built a few nodes with the HLK-PM01 to get 5V. The first one died just a few hours after installation. Then with two others which controll rollershutter nodes, they constantly lost connection and I tried switching more or less all components until I discovered that it was the power source. Since switching to a more reliable source, no issues at all.
    And another node just began to go crazy yesterday, had to reset it twice - also powered by the HLK-PM01.

    I ordered two batches from different suppliers with total different serial numbers and wondering what others made for experiences or if you could recommend other similar power supplies.
    Btw: the current shouldn't be an issue for those nodes.


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    Hi @parachutesj!
    I have been running my LCD screen on HLK for about 6 months - no failure so far.
    I guess its not very power hungry, but still 0 errors.

  • These modules work very well if you take some rules in account.

    Don't exceed a continuous load of 500mA, they can handle 600mA but will fail sooner.

    They don't like shorts, if you have a short on the 5VDC side they will fail very quickly. Either protect by fuse or ensure good workmanship and connect everything correctly.

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    @parachutesj any idea on the consumption/ current of your circuits?

  • @AWI the two which i had replaced with more expensive ones had about 300-350 each. The problem with the new ones is: they are quite bulky

  • all,
    after a few months of testing, another HLK-PM01 died. I ordered a new batch which seem to be ok after 5 weeks.
    However for my other node, I replaced it with an IRM-05-5 from Meanwell. Which is of course more powerfull at 5W but very stable.
    If size matters, the IRM is not for you, they are about 1.5 the size of the HLK in each direction.
    I just ordered some HLK-5m05 which are also 5W and smaller. Let's see how they perform.

  • Have you seen the thread on here about fake HLK modules? It could be that you had a batch of the dodgy ones.

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