Quick question about how gateways and nodes report

  • I'm trying to write a controller and am trying to account for fringe cases. Say the power turns off and then comes back on and both the gateway and sensor start simultaneously -- will the gateway always report its full startup before it receives node messages? I would assume the gateway won't respond to the find parent until after it's fully initialized, but I just want to make sure. This will help me determine when I need to create certain objects in the controller.

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    It'll send "gateway ready" when a controller connects (ethernet) or at startup (serial gw). It'll answer find parent requests regardless if a controller is connected or not.

    From a controller perspective you should't have to care about the internal find-parent communication between nodes. It isn't propagated to the controller.

  • @hek

    Thanks -- one other quick question: am I right in assuming a child sensors will only ever send "set" message types and will only be routed "req" types?

    For example, I'll never see a message like this:

    3; 3; 3; 0; 9; etc

    right? Nodes would send that sort of message, but never a child:

    3; 255; 3; 0; 9; etc

    yes? I'm assuming this because most nodes just report a setting or get set to something, they don't have any intelligence beyond that, that all exists on the child's node.

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