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  • Hello, I have Serial Gateway using a nRF24L01+ and a single sensor unit using a nRF24L01 as a test and find it works pretty well. But now I'm moving the code and sensors to the actual MCU for the project. I'm using the "Adafruit Trinket Pro" which does not allow access to the pin2 (IRQ for the nRF24L01) because it's use internal for the boot-loader program.

    Question: Where do I find the definition for the IRQ pin2 so I can change it to a different pin on the Adafruit Trinket Pro. (e,g pin3)


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    @sdndba The IRQ pin isn't in use currently. You can safely the connect nRF without the IRQ.

  • Great, thanks!

  • So... It went with the idea that the IRQ is not used and no luck on the communications. The serial monitor shows the following: "0;0;3;0;9;check wires". Now I was very careful about the wires and positions, they are good. I did ground the IRQ which is not used so it would not float.

    My control unit "Uno" worked perfect with the same configuration and program. The exception with the Pro Trinket is the IRQ. I will look again at the spec and see what it says.

    11:30am. Test do show that the IRQ is not used and it can float without causing a problem... hum interesting.

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    Yeah, I wouldn't ground it since it's an output from the nRF24L01+

  • Okay found the problem and it was mine. My voltage divider was not correct from the 5v Pro Trinket... sooo it works just fine. Thanks for your input!

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    How are you going on the Trinkets? Does the v1.5 still work on these?

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