Tolerate radio failure

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    One on my sensors is mounted quite far away with spotty radio coverage. This means that the sensor will not always boot correctly since it is not able to reach the Gateway (apparently the sensor hangs on initialisation while trying to initiate a connection with the Gateway). A radio connection is not critical for me since I have a local interface on the sensor to actuate it and display readings. However, this feature prevents the sensor from operating locally. Is there a way to instruct the library to give up if the initial radio communication fails and work in some kind of "off-line" mode?

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    Hello, I don't think it is possible at the moment but what you can do is to use a wifi gateway on an ESP8266 board (NodeMCU, or the one I prefer: Wemos D1 mini).
    Gateway will run and do it's job wether the controller is connected to it or not.

    Depending of what sensors you use you can either put the sensors directly on the ESP board if you don't have analog sensors and you don't need to many digital pins, or you can keep your sensor as it is and connect it to the wifi gateway which then needs a radio and of course you will need to use another channel.

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    Thanks for the suggestion, this is so far I have come as well. That is, I will use a regular moteino connected to a raspberry pi that I connect to the network in the barn. If I give it a separate network ID it should not be in conflict with what I use inside my house, and I believe that domoticz should have no issues with to different mysensors gateways connected. Lucky I installed broadband in my barn just last week 🙂

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    @kolaf said:

    give it a separate network ID

    Better use a different channel. When using different network ID's on the same channel, the networks still have to compete for bandwidth.
    When using different channels, they will not interfere.

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