Refer Madness

  • I have a refrigerator that has been acting funny lately. I have been watching it display non-normal temperatures for the last couple of weeks. I suspected that the thermostat in the refrigerator is going out. Thanks to mysensors, I am able to monitor the performance of several refrigerators and saw the problem early. I ordered the part I thought was at fault, moved all the vital items out of the refer, and waited (just for fun) for it to fail.

    It went out Friday night. I replaced the thermostat tonight. Thanks again to Mysensors for saving 400+ dollars in meat I had in there.


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    @Ironbar It's great to hear what people do with MySensors and even more great to hear that MySensors is helping people in many different ways.

    Is it okay with you that I use this example in an upcoming presentation?

  • @TheoL Absolutely you can use it in a presentation. It might be useful (or not) to know that node 105 is a refrigerator/freezer combo, node 102 and 103 are in the same refrigerator/freezer, and node 100 is a chest freezer I have an external thermostat on and I use it as a refrigerator.

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