How to set up a 'counter' in MySensors/Domoticz

  • I have a dehumidifier in the basement: bought a 12V 1A pump from eBay and installed it to automatically empty the water when it senses water at the top of the bucket. Am using MySensors node to sense water, and turn on the pump when required. (also has DHT-22 attached to monitor humidity.) Am reporting this information back to Domoticz controller. My question: which S_variable, V_variable, and Domoticz device is best to 'count' the number of times the dehumidifier empties?

    I am looking to 'count' daily bucket empties, and keep a record of the cumulative empties for the summer. So Domoticz would display daily number in the right of the top banner, and the cumulative number next to the counter icon on the left. I am currently using V_Volume, and S_water in MySensors script, and RFXmeter (set to counter). But this gives me count in 000's. Is there a better set of variables/devices to use? Should the MySensors script transmit just a value of 1 each time, or the cumulative number? Is there a way to reset the cumulative number displayed in Domoticz (RFXmeter)?

    I have a number of other nodes I want to set up which will simply count events, report, and track - so I'd like to find the best way to do this. My forum searches got me to this point, but I wonder if there isn't a better way.

    Suggestions welcome.

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