Free MySensors 2.0 workshop, Friday 9 September in Amersfoort (The Netherlands)

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    I’m organizing an entry-level MySensors 2.0 workshop/ master class for those who would like to kick-start in creating MySensors 2.0 based nodes and have little experience in electronics. The workshop will be held on Friday the 9th of September as a side track during Trivento’s annual Summercamp. The theme of this year’s Summercamp is Fast Data and let’s be honest: What is Fast Data without IoT?

    During this 3 hour workshop/ master class you’ll learn:

    • How the MySensors eco-system works and which role a gateway plays in the eco-system.
    • How to connect simple electronic components to an Arduino
    • The difference between AC and DC and why this is important when you connect electronics that have a polarity. (This is just enough to give you a kick-start, because we can not go deeply into electronics during a 3 hour workshop).
    • The anatomy of a sketch for a MySensors node.
    • How to create some simple MySensors nodes (temperature sensor/ light sensor/ RGB light).
    • How you can combine multiple sensors into one node. We’ll be making a temperature/ light level node.
    • Get an overview of the different gateways that are supported by MySensors.
    • How you can secure your nodes by adding signing (and why everyone should do that).

    In order for you to be able to participate you need have some basic knowledge of writing software. Because we unfortunately don't have time during this event to learn you how to write your software.

    If you don't live in the Netherlands, but just happen to be in the neighborhood. The language for the Summercamp and workshop is all English and we're happy to welcome you.

    So if you want to learn about MySensors, want to have some fun and maybe drink a beer after the workshop please don’t hesitate to register for this fun event. This is a BYOL event, which means that you’ll bring your laptop and I’ll provide the Arduinos and the other electronic components you’ll need.

    There’s no fee for participating in this workshop. However, there is a limited number of places available, so please register as soon as possible if you want to participate.

    Finally, the keynote for the Summercamp is also worth mentioning. This will be ‘Challenges and opportunities around elastic data pipelines’ by Jorg Schad, (Distributed Systems Engineer at Mesosphere, Inc.).

  • Making a video of that workshop available as an introduction material for the MySensors website would be a 2nd best thing 🙂

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    too bad that I'm not in the vicinity.. Would have been cool to drop by for a couple of hours of fun 🙂

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    @Daniel-Oliveira That's a great idea, that I will think about!

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    @tbowmo Would have loved to meet you there. I'm hoping next year's MySensors meeting will be an international one. I just want to meet all of you.

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    Well it was kind of international at @hek's summer BBQ, with both Danish and Swiss visitors 🙂

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    @tbowmo We had German, Belgium, Dutch and visitors from Belarus. That got me thinking we might be able to organize an international meeting next year. Would be great to do this in one weekend. Start on Friday with some beers. Have some presentations and do some projects during Saturdays and Sundays. 😉

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    MySensors International Meetup 2017. I'll be there. 🙂

    But we shouldn't pollute your new workshop thread, it sounds like a awesome event on its own.

  • Why not broadcast ? 🙂

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    @rborer That would actually require all participants to approve upon this, because of privacy laws.

    I've contacted the organizer of the Summercamp and she stated that we'll not be able to make an instruction video. However, photo's of the event will be taken.

  • What a great initiative!

    If the video cant be recorded or shared I wonder if you would share some of the organizational details so it would make it easier to replicate this in other parts of the world.


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    @barduino I will do that. I have kept a diary for all the steps we have done.

  • Is there anything like this going to be done in the US? I would love to help/attend.

  • @Jason-Brunk

    Where are you stationed? I'm in Atlanta, Georgia. Maker faire Atlanta is coming soon...

  • @barduino down in tampa. Definitely not bad considering I can drive to atlanta in like 6 hours.

  • @barduino Even if we didn't do a workshop, a mysensors meetup would be cool. I have some buddies here i think would be down for a weekend trip

  • @Jason-Brunk

    Lets not highjack this thread, I'll ping you via PM

  • @rborer said:

    Why not broadcast ? 🙂

    Indeed something like a livestream would be great ! Also for the people somewhere else in the world ( or even closer the Dutch people with transporting / time problems like mine 🙂 )

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    @the-cosmic-gate Good ideas. I will take all of your suggestions with me when we have a retrospection of this event.

  • @TheoL , +1 for broadcasting the workshop ... 🙂

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    @Dave-Dan Thank you very much. Preparations are as good as done. I've tested the exercises this evening and they'll worked almost instantly 😉

    I do have place for 3 - 4 more people. So if any one has the time please register, we'll be having lots of fun, drink a beer afterward. I can't wait until the 9th. I'm really excited. If you're more into software engineering and want to know all the fancy and new stuff about Akka, Mesos e.t.c. there are also great international speakers that will tell you all about the bits and bytes during the main event 'Fast Forward with fast Data'.

  • Just subscribed, hope there is still a seat available

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    Hi @franzelare, I think you've got the last seat. Just send me your real name in the chat and I can check it for you.

  • @Daniel-Oliveira Brilliant idea! I live in rural Australia and it's so disappointing and frustrating seeing all these cool workshops i'd love to get to happening a "little bit" too far away...!

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    @breimann We wouldn't want to keep you up all night 😉 I have to disappoint you guys. We are not filming this edition. Maybe for a future workshop we'll be able to though. But no promise.

  • Great event! thanks for organizing!
    Although the experience of the attendents was various levels I think everybody had a great time.
    Unfortunately I had to leave earlier than most people I had a great time and hope we can setup an other meeting for a next level work shop on my sensors.

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    @franzelare It was really great to have all of you guys attending the workshop. And again I thank you all, because what is a workshop without a bunch of great people attending the workshop? The enthusiasm of each of you, drives me to do more of these types of workshops.

    But I have to be honest. Last weeks were a bit crazy, I'm going to take some time for my own projects ;-).

    It was also great to meet some of you guys on this forum face to face. I would have loved to talk to all of you individually, but maybe we can do that next time. I'll schedule some extra time for that. But I was really touched by each one of you.

  • @TheoL you were inspiring! and at least made me enthousiastic to share more of my mysensor projects on this forum and pushed me to finish some of my open projects (in order to post them here)

    My girl suggested to add an other workshop next time in a room next door... for the wifes/girlfriends/spouses : how to deal new projects or with a low wife approval factor projects 😉

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    @TheoL - I think we should get a live stream sorted for the next one 😉

    If someone has a DSLR or a webcam, this should be a free option that wouldn't cost anything.

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    I'll be closing this topic in a couple of days. But if other people want to organize a workshop. Please reply in this topic or send me a PM. I can share the material, with the adjustments I made today. So we can develop the workshop material together and share our experiences.

    If you like to organize a workshop, but are a bit afraid. No worries. We had an excellent time, so will you.

  • I'm interested in organizing a workshop

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