UI7 VERA Cannot Send Command - Communications Error

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    Was wondering if anyone can help me on fixing this error message that is appearing at the top of the page when I log into my VERA controller? The system was working fine and then all of a sudden it stopped working. I have tried all the usual things, rebooting, reloading luup.. Connected directly to the gateway and the nodes and they are working as expected, and are reporting to the gateway. Using a serial gateway. I have also, reluctantly, downloaded the new firmware version: 1.7.2043 to the VERA.. I'm pretty sure the top error (GET LANG)message has nothing to do with the comm error just because that was showing up long before the comm error showed up.. Any help would be much appreciated Thanks!!!

    0_1472005394719_Command Comm Error.png
    0_1472006368944_serial port settings 2.png

  • I have the same problem from three days.

    MySensors plugin : Cannot send command - communications error

    but MYSController 1.0beta is running ok, pinging to gateway is ok. I cant' understand what is happened

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