RS485 Speed and different routing possible?

  • Hello someone tested a higher speed setting for the (new) RS485 communication in MS2.0.?
    I think that 9600baud is really slow. That being sayed i have to admit it works like a charm.
    -So when someone can confirm that this works also with long(er) lines and higher speed i would like to know.
    In my setup i use on one side (GW + RPI) a ADM2483 (isolator) so that i have a galvanic separation and can play safely with the sensors. these are often near the life (electric cabinet/enclosures) on the other side (sensors /field) i use the MAX485 or an SN75HVD12DR RS485.
    Second question: is it possible to send a message from one sensors to another on the same bus? Without the need to use code in the GW? to route the recaiver?

  • Admin

    Guess you have to do some tests... increasing the speed and see when it fails 😉

    Regarding routing, the messages will be routed exactly like in a radio network. Se you have to have a gateway node in the setup to send messages between nodes.

  • haha,
    I knew you gonne hijack this thread
    As you answered the first question (more or less)
    i was looking for a good test rig
    long distance transmission line

    I yust have to re-read the specs off the ADM isolator i think 😃
    So there is no possibility to route from node to node pitty.
    Tnx for the answer anyway i will try the higher speed setting (57K6 or so)
    Btw good write up about the RS485 setup on the home page it will defenetly speed up things (as i spend a few hours wit wrong setup)

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