IR Infrared reflectance sensor arduino sensor shield 5v DC (sence Who is what room),security too

  • Well its been a bit of time and my home automation system with Domoticz is great !!
    with the great guys here allowing us to make sensors that would cost a lot more if it were a commercial product ,,Thank you all again to all the great .
    Right lets get on ,well I have been testing these reflectance sensors ,they are only approx 3 pound each on Ebay .I have combined them with a multi-sensor sketch ,I have given a link to the item below plus a screen shot of my floor-plan with in Domoticz .I am thinking along the lines of one inside the door and some in the hallway then when you move say from front room to kitchen it would trigger sensors front-room hallway then kitchen ,hmmm .that coupled with some PIR sensors might do the trick,they have a range about 36 inches ,so pop the by the door or in the ceiling (ceiling for me) .very easy to setup they run off 5volts I use pro mini 3.3 volt
    link to sensor I am sure you have seen them out there
    alt text
    alt text

    along g

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