Replace broken board with same Id as old

  • Greetings! I have a quick and hopefully simple question. One of my relay nodes failed because the board is fried. Can I reprogram a new arduino board with the same device Id or Node Id to replace it. This will save me updating my Luup code in my scenes.

    If so, how and what numbers do I use from the Vera UI?

    Thanks in advance,

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    @pbcstudios If you program a new node with the same id and code it will be identical to the controller.

  • The node is listed in Vera as 'Arduino repeater 1' with an Altid of 1;255 in the parameters. I will assume the sensor Id is 1 and to replace sensor variable in gwpresent as 1?

    gw.present(1, S_LIGHT);

    Is there anything else I need to do in the sketch?

    Thanks for the response!

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    It should be

    #define MY_NODE_ID 1

    Before including MySensors.h (if you're running 2.0)

  • I am 1.5 still. Way too many nodes to update. lol. So, how do I do it in 1.5 sketches?

  • Hi pbcstudios,

    I'm still on 1.5 too. I use the following (works fine with me):

    #define R_NODE_NR 9     // defines node nr   
    #define R_ROUTE_TO 4    // defines to which repeater data will be send
    void setup() {
        //send data to repeater R_ROUTE_TO

    Good luck with it



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