MyMessage::getInt() (v1.5) gives wrong value

  • Hello,

    I just experienced the strangest of behaviours from version 1.5 of the library : getInt() behaves different whether it's compiled with arduino IDE (on Windows) or Codebender (soon to RIP).
    From the gateway I send a V_TEMP of 23° to two nodes having the same ID. On the Codebender compiled one getInt() returns 23 as expected, but on the arduino compiled one it gives 230 ! Exact same sketch and libraries used.

    I read about a similar issue on the github but this doesn't seem to be my case.

    I know 1.5 is now old and I should move on to v2.0 but I have a whole home network of sensors I would have to upgrade and well ... I'll do it tomorrow 🙂

    I suspect it has something to do with the OS environment and how the compiling toolchain works on it but I don't have the knowledge to dig deeper.

    Please help.

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