Arduino Micro suitable for use as MySensors node ?

  • I have a few unused Arduino Micro (small leonardo version) in my parts bin. After reading up on it i found out that these use the ATmega32U4 proc which seems to be a bit more powerful that the 328, but the specs also mention that the CPU has a direct USB Uart that it uses for programming, connection to the pc etc as well a a "regular" hardware uart that can be used for other things..

    To me that sounded like a great solution. These boards are very small, hardly bigger than a Pro Mini, but could do without the need for a software uart for RS485 etc. The usb uart can handle the programming and debugging output while the regular uart is available for the RS485 comms to the sensor network etc.

    Can i use the Micro as a MySensors node or gateway ? Are they compatible ? including the USB uart ?

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    I think people are running MySensors on ATmega32U4 without any problems...

    I.e. @fleinze

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