RFM69 - Which module to use?

  • Hello,

    I want to switch my NRF24L01+ modules with RFM69 modules.

    Which version of the RFM69 should I use? I have seen there are 3 different frequency versions and some versions with H, C and W?

    I want to have a better range. I currently use the NRF24L01 modules on battery nodes to transmit humidy and temperature every 5 minutes. So no big data.


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    • RFM69 High Power version is "H" like RFM69HW or RFM69HCW. Like the nrf24 PA it consumes more power than the lower version of RFM69. But better range. I use these when i want a big range and not so concerned by the power consumption. Great for a GW.
    • RFM69 Low Power version is not "H" like RFM69W or RFM69CW. They have better range than low power nrf24 (non PA), at least on my side 😉 I mostly use those for my indoor battery powered nodes.

    Note RFM69W and RFM69CW are the same but not footprint compatible. The same for the high power versions.
    Some are footprints compatible with old RFM12, RFM22 etc..
    Check footprints in datasheet when you want to be sure.

  • Whats is the prefered version: 433MHz or 868MHz?

    I know that 433MHz has a longer range but I always had problems with my remote controlled power sockets with 433MHz with range.

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