Creating Gateway for HomeController

  • Hi,

    I'm thinking about creating a gateway based on NodeJS so I can use it on my UDOO. I'm currently creating my own Home Automation Software and I'm thinking about integrating MySensors into my app.

    The thing is that my app is written in NodeJS so I'm thinking about rewriting the Raspberry Pi code for my UDOO with some NodeJS packages so other people can use it too.I'm also looking into a way to make the NodeJS package more general, so it can be used on multiple platforms (BeagleBone Black -> I also have one, so I can test that also, ....)

    I don't know if someone else is interested in it ? Otherwise I'll share my code here ...

    So please let me know what you think about it ?

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    don't reinvent the wheel, let's join forces in ago control 🙂

  • Hi,

    I'm not really reinventing the ... in some strange way ;o). Because I already have my HomeControl up and running in my house. The thing is that it's created with other sensors in mind. I was creating some sort of home - monitoring system with fire - smoke detection, ... based on some custom sensors created with Spark Core's. And I'm using the UDOO to dynamically discover the devices in my home network so the end user doesn't need to do anything. The device just pops up on your dashboard and you can 'configure' it to your needs. I already extended it to control some LED lamps in some rooms ... But ... because i wanted the devices to communicate with each other, I searched for a solution without using WiFi ... so I ended up with the NRF24L01+ ... So ... if there is a fire - problem and the power shuts down, the devices still can comunicate with each other and generate some alarms throughout my house....

    So this is already up and running, and it's all based on NodeJS. And some arduino's, Spark Cores, SunSpot Sensors, ... But I wanted to extend my sensor network with several other devices : monitor power, water, ... so I wanted to use the NRF to extend my sensors ... So I ended up with MySensors ...

    And I came up with the idea of integrating it with my Home Controller ...

    So ... it's not really reinventing the wheel ;o) ... it's extending the weel with another one, and some gears, ... ;o)

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    Reinvent the wheel. 🙂

    A NodeJS package will probably help other people integrate MySensors their environment.

  • Well ... it's been a long time ... but the NodeJS package has been developped as a controller.

    I've got it running on my UDOO with the gateway connected to it.

    It's not completed and still "work in progress", as I don't have all the sensors ... but there are a few implementations already.

    If there are any suggestions for types of sensors ... just let me know, then I can look into those first ...

    You can find it on :

  • And the controller has been updated to 1.4 version of mysensors

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