Re-establishing connection with gateway

  • I found that after rebooting Ethernet gateway some nodes are not responding (at least first minutes, I didn't check longer).
    Does MySensor nodes automatically tries to re-establish connection with gateways once the connection was lost? If yes, how to tune time to connection re-establishing?


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    @Alexander-Ivanov - what controller do you use? I have this problem in Domoticz and after a restart i manually have to reboot some nodes (and some takes up to a couple of days before they find back). This is not a mysensors problem thought, because the data is reported in to the controller but added to another node. This happens on multisensors only.

  • If Node doesn't get any response from a GW it will start to search for a Parent after 6 failures.
    This is what I read about version 1.5.1.
    So if your node is sending every 30 minutes it can take up to 2.5 hours before it starts to search for new Parent

  • @sundberg84, I'm using Vera (Edge). Really surprised on nodes behaviour. If it's really 6 tries, my node which updates temperature twice a min should restart connection in 3 mins after loosing it. But this is not happening.

  • I found problem in my code: my node sends update if only it has value changed, which can take really long.

    @flopp, "it will start to search for a Parent after 6 failures" - does 6 tries happen automatically or the node need to send something 6 times?

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