How to Reestablish lost NRF24 connection

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    I did a few tests to figure out up to what distance my NRF24 would be able to transmit the temperature of my dht temp sensor, this for different PA_levels. So for better testing i modified the sketch for the sensor to send it's data any 2 seconds. What i don't understand is that when the signal becomes too low and the gateway does not anymore receive the data, the connection is lost and transmissions do not restart even if i come back near the gateway .... is this normal , what is the logic behind this?, would the transmission be automatically restarted after sometime (i did not wait much)?

    : with a power cycle the sensor arduino recovered the connection...(represented itself to the gateway) .

  • Nobody can answer whether fthe lost connection will be recovered automatically after some time?

  • When the node loses the connection, it tries to find a gateway or repeater and reestablish the connection. I don't know if it gives up at some point, however I have seen situations where it took some time for the connection to come back.

  • @Jan-Gatzke
    thanks , i will have to retest this ... i'm concerned because a few days ago i had an interruption of the connection that lasted a full night ... yet i just needed to swith off and on the battery of the arduino and the signal was back ... the battery level was also all right

    So im tempted to believe that i should always favour the best conditions (max PA_level ) to avoid lost connections, if it's confirmed that the arduino might not try to recover connction may be after a number of unsuccessfull attempts or some timeout...

  • Mod

    If I remember well there is a function that returns if you are connected or not and if not you can call the initialization to get connection back

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