monitor domoticz link health

  • Any idea of how can I monitor the link and Domoticz server health? Just want to have a green light on my Arduino if it can read a value from Domoticz and switch to red light after a 2-3 unsuccessful polls.

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    Build a node that regularly requests values from domoticz. If none comes back light up a red led, otherwise a green one.

  • Yep, that's the idea, but I don't know how to read for example "on/off" values from a dummy switch.

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    @Andrei-Stirbu this example requests time from the controller every hour. You can probably use that as starting point.

  • I have a lua time script running in domoticz that triggers a switch 'On" to every node every minute.
    the node replies by swtiching the id off again and counts how many times the host send a switch command, every 6 minutes the counter is checked, and in case lower than 5, a hard reset is done.

    in domoticz I check if the off command is received and if the off command is not received for more than 3 minutes I trigger a switch "node alive" to off
    as soon as the swtiching is received again, i put the "node alive" on again.
    this way I can also visualize the uptime of the nodes in my network

    when the" node alive" is off, some scripts are disabled because they have interactions between mysensor signals and other inputs, and the dependancies are not valid anymore as soon as the node is not alive anymore

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