Any parallel interface accellerometers ?

  • I have built a few projects using a few different 3 axis accelerometers, such as the LSM303DLHC. All of them used the i2c interface.

    I'm wondering if anyone knows of a somewhat similar device that can be connected to a microcontroller via a parallel (eg: 8 bit) interface ?

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    @ny51sens The "standard" alternative would be the SPI (serial) interface. A parallel interface imho would be not very efficient considering the size of the information and relatively low sampling rates of the sensors.

  • @AWI - looking at parallel so I can process data faster ... I can't save to pc at a rate fast enough to keep up with sampling rate.

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    @ny51sens I'm curious what kind of application you are looking at. You can take a look at ADXL377 (analog sensor) and use whatever kind of ADC to read parallel at enormous speeds..

  • SPI can be blazing fast. A colleague of mine recently implemented some memory interface in the range of two/three digit MBits per second. Intuitively I would say bit banging an 8 bit parallel data input using a microcontroller is slower than using high-speed SPI. Just polling the 8 bits from the pins will take ages...Of course I am assuming you're using a uc and not a FPGA.

    You need to be precise, just because you can read data faster doesn't mean you can process it faster. I'd be a bit shocked to hear that an accelerometer could produce more data than a standard uc SPI can take...but then, I also have no experience.

    So I'm also curious what you are planning to do!

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