Best solution for project with multiple PCBs ?

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    I have been working for some time on my project, which is a small PCB to transform a pro mini to a MySensors node as compact as possible but still easy to solder.
    From this base that is a MySensors node with a simple connector, it got pretty easy & fast to make PCBs for various sensors and actuators that I needed so I got a bit wild 😄 and now I have 8 "shields" covering a wide range of uses, and at least 2 more to go.

    I am just wondering what is the best way to share all those PCBs ?

    • flood with one project for each PCB
    • make only one project on with details for the NModule "main" board and general information on each shield, then link to pages in the "My Project" section of the forum for detailed instruction on various projects that can be done with each shield ?
    • other solution ?

    Any suggestion is appreciated 🙂

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    Flood it. 🙂 Right now there aren't that many projects in total anyway.

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    If you already have them panelized, maybe could also be an extra "nice to have" 😀

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