Clearing old node_ids in Vera Edge

  • Hi guys.
    Does anyone know if its possible to clear the memory of a Vera Edge without resetting the whole device?
    I started with MySensors a couple of weeks ago and included some nodes in my Vera a bit too early. Didnt figure it would be a problem. Well, now it kinda is.
    It seems like the Vera remembers or recognizes my nodes even though they have new sketches and i have defined a new MY_NODE_ID. The node still gets the same ID as the first time I added it in Vera. The only problem is that the actual Node is not recreated, only the sensors attached.

    This wouldn't be a problem if I wasn't running all my nodes on battery, and the battery status is displayed on the node, and never on the sensors. Thats at least what it looks like. If anyone have another way to display the battery status in the Vera, please tell me. Or if its possible to get the information in ImperiHome without the node showing in Vera, that would suffice as well.

    Thanks in advance for any inputs.

  • Mod

    Did you clear the node eeprom with the sketch that is in the mysensors library?

  • @gohan no but I read about that earlier today and gonna give it a shot tonight.

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