Max. Number of Children?

  • Hi,

    does anybody here happen to know how many children per node are supported by Domoticz?
    I'm trying to get data from a KEBA wallbox into Domoticz. For that I am using an ESP8266 NodeMCU module which doubles as a gateway to Domoticz and a parser for the wallbox data which is sent by UDP.
    So far there are 33 children/values but during presentation only 25 of these are recognized by Domoticz.

    Is there a limit to the number of children per node? Or am I being stupid somehow?
    .And if there is indeed a limit: any easy work-around for this in MySensors?


  • Mod

    Never seen that many actually. But do you see just the first 25 or is it the total you see?

  • Hi,

    of the 35 CHILD_IDs that are presented in my code's "void(presentation)" only 25 are actually recognized as new devices in Domoticz's Setup/Devices menu. Those 25 devices can be properly
    added and appear under the "Utility" tab which is okay for now. The rest never shows up. Which is a
    pity because those values are the most needed ones 😉

    If I take a look at the gateway in Setup/Hardware/(my gate)/Setup I am shown 27 entries one of which
    is the ID 255 (S_ARDUINO_NODE). One is another child ID (32) that was seen recently but strangely
    is not shown in the list of new found devices.

    Ideas, anyone?


  • Mod

    What I asked was if the 25 you see are the one that are actually numbered 1 to 25 in the code

  • @gohan

    Yes, they are/were.
    Alas, case solved... I have lost a line of code somehow. Which in this case meant that
    presentation was done correctly but these "missing values" were never actually sent,
    thereby keepin Domoticz from accepting them (seems every parameter to be recognized
    must actually have been sent once).
    Anyway, sorry for bothering You and thanks again,


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