Manual assigning node id's for network with repeaters

  • Hi All,

    Trying to set up a network, but without a controller (like VERA or RB-pi). Using the serial gateway I found out that I could get the readings from a sensor (multiple dallas temperature) via the radio's. so far so good.
    Now I would like to use some extra (1 or 2 i guess) repeater nodes in order to get the sensors communicating over a larger distance, but am strugling to get the sensor talking via a repeater to the serial gateway. Searched for some points in the code (well done BTW !!) were I could tweak it such that it does what I would like to have, but without good luck so far.
    Any instructions anywhere how to set this up manually. I found out how to assign a node-id manually, but how do I have to proceed to get this working, as per below;

    sensor -> repeater 1 (-> repaeter 2) -> serial gateway.

    Any help appreciated.



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    You should just have to enable repeater mode in gw.begin() and call gw.process() in the repeater node. See api documentation for details.

    "sensor" will find the shortest way to gateway.

  • Thanks hek,

    Did it a bit different, but probably with the result i wanted.

    In the repeaternode sketch I used the following line:


    This created a repeater node with node-id 4 (just an arbitrary number)

    In the Dallastemperature example I used:


    This created the sensor node with id=5, talking via repeaternode 4 to the serial gateway. This works. See the info from the temperature sensor being relayed to the serial-gateway.

    I haven't tried the method you suggested yet, but this sounds interesting of course. Wiil do that after Christmas I think.


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