Gateway-less sensors

  • Congrats on a great project here!

    My understanding that nRF24L01 was chosen because of the low cost. Was CC1101 ever considered?
    It's just a dime more but from what I recon it can be configured to run in the native z-wave band of 908.42MHz
    If done this would allow the use of sensors without need for gateway which opens the project to more controllers and apps like SmartThings.
    Assuming that hardware is up to it, the radio chip abstraction layer can be created so the same code can be compiled for one of two methods with just a directive.

    Anyway, it would be interesting to hear the thoughts.

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    Independent from z-wave I like the idea to abstract the RF hardware layer - similar to a device driver that is picked at build time. The interface should be relatively simple (init / send / check if received / receive).

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    z-wave if a closed protocol. We cannot communicate with other z-wave stuff even if we run at the same frequency.
    Also the "z-wave" frequency differs for different regions where 908.42MHz is the US one.

  • @hek: Is it technical "cannot" or legal "cannot"?
    From technical angle it's not walk in the park but it's been done (google z-force and open-zwave).

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