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  • So I created a node for in my basement utility room to be mounted near my well water pump. I have 3 sensors on the node that give me the temperature of the cold water pipe coming out of the well pump, the room temperature and humidity, and the floor moisture. Everything seems to be working fine, but my issue is with the reading of the moisture sensor. For that part of the code, I used the sketch for the soil moisture sensor which uses V_LEVEL for the value. When Vera displays it, the unit of measure that it is using is lux.
    Is there any way in Vera to specify what the unit of measure is for a device? Or should I change this to something other than V_LEVEL in the code for the node? Not even sure what unit of measure people are using for that.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    No, not without hacking the Vera plugin to display V_LEVEL as something else.

  • Are you aware of something other than V_LEVEL that can be used?

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    No, not really 😉 Unless you just wanna send a status when plant needs watering at some threshold value in the node using V_STATUS or something.

  • @hek I guess it's not a super huge deal, I was just wondering if others used something else for a moisture value. I am not actually using it for soil moisture. I have a home built wetness sensor that I put on the floor next to my well water pump to tell me if the floor gets too wet indicating a possible leak in the pump or a pipe. In Vera I'll figure out a threshold value to use to send a notification if the floor gets too wet.

  • @dbemowsk I'm have just started with mysensors and have configured a soil moisture sensor together with openHAB.
    To get it to work I used the sketch for soil moisture but present the child as S_HUM and send the reading as V_HUM.

  • @MagnusF Thanks, I hadn't thought of that. Then the value could be calculated to show as a percentage of wetness. Also, the icon that would show on my Vera controller would be a water drop. I am going to try this tonight.

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