the grand scheme

  • ok so I got a few ideas but unfortunately I can't do coding so am hoping someone can point me in the right direction.
    1st I hate that code blocks and having to program the controller for each type of sensor. so the controller should not only appoint an ID but recieve data like "I am a LED dimmer, I have 3 inputs, on, off and variable" or "I am a temperature sensor, I have one output, temp" etc etc etc. then the controller just designates them as LED 1 2 3 etc. and we can change the title to what we want like "LED lounge" etc.... sounds easy to me but will probably take 2 years to do

    2nd having manual controls as well on all items, like the LED dimmer could have a rotary encoder to allow adjusting at the point, this needs to be sent to the controller. also have a "lock out function" would be good

    3rd an intercom, seen codecs need bout 87kbps so a 2mbps system should be able to hold a few comm channels.... don't know how to wire this up though

    4th and last is somehow put in some security measures, so if I hypothetically do connect it to the net then only the devices I allow can acess it. also if someone comes alongwith another controller it doesn't interfere with mine (this also stops everything else on the 2.4ghz bandinterfering)

    hopefully someone canshow me how to get this going or even better someone has thought of all these and done it already and someone can show me the links to that

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    I'm not sure I understand you grand scheme.. :-). I'm only familiar with plain_jane_vanala MySensors applications soooooo.

    1. what controller are you going to use?

    With the exception of the intercom and security (Wifi security is what I think you are talking about) you can do all of those things now with the sketches for the SENSORS. (The code for the controller would not change)

    I have a feeling I'm not understanding you though...

    1. raspberry pi, easy to use I reckon

    and for security I mean make it so I can setup things like accepting only certain IP's or cell phone numbers (if I do that way) so that no one can access any of the network including the 2.4ghz one.... maybe something like pairing those items like in bluetooth

    anyway any idea on the intercom?

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    If you want to use NRF modules for the intercom, you should have a look at
    which allows audio streaming.

  • ty hek, I knew it was possible but trying to get it all in one now will be fun.

    also got an idea for a dual controller, is this possible?
    I want to have the ethernet one as the hub, but run around with a portable raspberry pi that also runs something like pi dome but a remote version.
    I must sound like I am asking for the moon from a community of people donating their time but thought it would be an addition worth while

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