Motion Sensors stop working

  • I have successfully built motion sensors using arduino nanos and plug them into the wall using a 5V USB phone chargers. They work perfectly when they are working, but after about 7-10 days they stop working. If I unplug and plug back in, they work fine for another couple days-weeks.

    I have already solder a 4.7µ capacitory on all my radios. I have tried switching the USB chargers, motion sensor, and radios on couple of sensors but no found its didn't solve the issue.

    Is it possible to get these motion sensors to work without me having to upkeep them every 2-4 weeks?

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    @igpels - yes its possible.
    I have 5v USB, Pro Mini and motion dec without issues. Try a bigger capacitor on the radio and maybe filter the output of the voltage regulator as well with a cap?

    How do you code the motion dec?

  • @sundberg84 What capacitor would you recommend? I am not sure how I would I filter out the output of voltage regulator, can you provide a bit more detail.

    I used the example code provided without any changes. Can I see your code if possible? Thank you.

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    @igpels - i use this code.

    I would try a 47uF on the radio if you have 4,7 today to start with. To filter the output of the voltage regulator you add a 0,1uF and maybe a 10uF from VOut to ground.

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