Need help understanding Openhab, Battery powered sensors and arduino sketches .

  • Hi ,

    I'm pretty new to the whole electronic game and need some help understanding things a little .
    I've searched through the forum and a lot of it seems to be either based on an older Openhab or not very well explained for a noob such as myself .

    So far I have an openhabian setup with presence detection (with the help of LEDE router ),an outlet I can control and a temp sensor I made using Mysensors which talks to an Ethernet gatewayon the raspberry pi I run Openhab on , so I'm not afraid of diving in the deep end and learning as I go.

    However even though I got my temp sensor working and showing in Openhab I could do with some help understanding a few things.

    1. I managed to automatically detect my sensor when I turned it on (which as a lot of the posts in the forum suggest wasn't always the way ) I created an item for the Thing detected and an entry in my sitemap and left everything as default . I can't seem to find an up to date guide how to configure things in Openhab.
      From what I've seen in the forum everyone just knows how to configure Mysensors in Openhab .

    2. I just uploaded the example sketch for the temp sensor here and I currently have it being powered by 2 AA batteries my question is how to I combine the battery Arduino script with the Dallas temp script, I mean for one thing both scripts differ on sleep times for a start . I would like to learn how to send the battery percentage back to Openhab and I understand that I need to incorporate a calculation for the battery as 0% is not the same as an empty battery.

    3)when I installed Arduino on my Debian laptop and added the Example libraries to the libraries folder it tells me at the bottom of the IDE invalid version found 1.04 , any ideas why it says this although it doesn't seem to cause any problems loading the sketch.

    1. Is there any other advice or learning material that you can recommend that will help with creating My sensors .

    This is my first prototype temp sensor a little bit messy but it works and its reasonably small.

    thank you in advance for your help .

  • Mod

    @greymarvel if you want to run on batteries, look at sundberg84 Newbie PCB on, it shows how to measure battery voltage. Also you need to remove power led and voltage regulator from pro mini.

  • Thanks @gohan

    I will desolder both today this was just a test to if I wired it right. I've had a quick look at the link and I sort of understand how it works.


  • Have a look at youtube and look for Paul McWhorter. He has 25 excellent newbie Arduine lessons.

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