Raspberry Pi 2! $35!

  • It's out...!!

    A 900 MHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 CPU
    Complete compatibility with Raspberry Pi 1

    More info here: http://www.raspberrypi.org/raspberry-pi-2-on-sale/


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    Looks allot like the ODROID-C1 Same prize different specs.

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    Holy crap, that was fast. I thought they said the Pi 2 was years away? I've looked at the ODROID C1 also, and I was tempted, but the Pi will surely have better support and more people working on it.

    New controller hardware for sure. I've been looking for something new since my current Pi is hanging outside doubling as a security camera. Not the ideal situation.

    The only thing that I really like with the ODROID is the eMMC to boost read/write performance, but those add-on cards aren't exactly cheap, even the 16GB version is more expensive than the ODROIC C1 itself.

    Edit: Ah crap, it still has the same USB/Ethernet controller it seems. Oh well, not a big deal for our application.

  • Admin

    Already thinking about excuses to tell the wife, in order to get one πŸ™‚

    "But honney, It really is necessary for me to have it, Yes.. I know i have 4 others around the house, but look at it.. It's not like the others.. It's all new and shiny!" πŸ™‚

  • Plugin Developer

    For me there is no need to come up with excuses, my wife is added to our team today and even knew it before me....

    Gonna get me one of these. the controller already is prepared for multi core ( some components and other platform support preparations) so i wonder how it is going to perform.

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    Hmmm... I am away from raspi, I prefer cubieboard and Odroid-U3 for reliability and reactiveness....

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