Serial Gateway constantly restarting (=Startup complete with FHEM)

  • Hello everybody,
    I am setting up a serial Gateway at an Ardunino Nano. Controller FHEM@RPi3.
    It seems that my gateway is constantly restarting, the state in FHEM changes from connected to startup complete after about a second. Both the Nano and the nRF24L01+ are powered by independent laboratory power supplies (5 and 3.3V) which can provide up to 1.5 AMPS. The NRF has an additionally a 47uF capacitor at its power supply pins. Sketch is the original Sketch from the homepage with no modifications. Mysensor Version 2.2, although I had the same issue with 2.1. The Nano has a FT232 USB-Chip, but everything is Chinese 😉
    It seems to be transmitter related. When I disconnect the power supply from the controller it stays connected in FHEM. When I leave the power connected but when I disconnect any data pin from the transmitter (like MISO, CSN etc) it stays also connected. I changed the transmitter -> no effect.
    Downgrade to Board definitions 1.6.11 ->no effect.
    I then installed the same sketch using to same antenna on an Arduino mini, using additionally an external FT232 USB Adapter, connecting the six Data pins to the Arduino: Same errors as described above. However, when I disconnect the DTR pin between Mini and Adapter, everything seems to work fine. With the very same transmitters, everything works as it should and stays connected.
    Any idea what this can be?
    THX in advance,
    Regards, snudi

  • Mod

    @snudi could you post a debug log from the gateway when the restarts happen, and photos of the wiring? Maybe we can help spot the source of the problem.

  • Two remarks:
    Both of my serial 2.2-GW's stay at "startup complete" and are working as expected (seems to have changed somewhen in the development of 2.0). Trying to set them to "connect" causes a reboot ending again in "startup complete".
    So this is not really a fault, just let them state "startup complete" and don't worry too much about that.

    If the Arduino really is spontaneously rebooting, this could also be due to a fault in the Arduino design (Test PION floating). But as you described the "problem" shows up also with the adapter/pro mini version, this seems not to be the case here.

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