• I've been testing a Genuino Zero as a serial gateway. Everything works fine except for the redirection of debug output to the Programming port.

    I saw a thread and a pull request which added MY_DEBUGDEVICE to the architecture files, but if I #define MY_DEBUGDEVICE SERIAL my gateway crashes, silently.

    I believe this is because there is no 'begin' for MY_DEBUGDEVICE.

    When I add one to to relevant architecture file it works fine, with debug output sent as expected to the Programming port.

    I'm a bit puzzled how anybody has got this to work without that mod, have I missed something?

    Note that adding MY_DEBUGDEVICE.begin into Setup in the sketch is too late - the node crashes before it gets to that point.

  • Admin

    I think that it's probably because you are the first that use a separate port for debugging..

    in hwInit for SAMD architecture, we only initialize the standard serial port (MY_SERIALDEVICE)

  • Mod

    @fac13 as a workaround, could you try placing MY_DEBUGDEVICE.begin in a function called before() or preHwInit() in your sketch? MySensors will execute them before setup().

  • @mfalkvidd I tried both and neither worked - the node still failed to start.

    My workaround is to add MY_DEBUGDEVICE initialization in hwInit() in MyHwSAMD.cpp , immediately after the initialization of MY_SERIALDEVICE,

    i.e. insert these lines after line #76: -

    #if defined(MY_GATEWAY_SERIAL)
    while (!MY_DEBUGDEVICE) {}

    Of course if the two devices are the same then MY_SERIALDEVICE gets initialized twice, but doesn't seem to cause a problem.

  • fac13 about 2 hours ago

    I realized I should have added a wait after the initialization, like this: -

    void preHwInit()

    With that included, my sketch works without needing the architecture code mod.

    Putting the same code in before() doesn't work.

    Thanks for your help.

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