3V AA Battery holder sensor

  • Hi there,

    I want to share my project "3V AA Battery holder sensor" with you.

    I converted a 3V AA battery holder to 3V AAA with the goal to put all the components for a Mysensors node inside the holder. The holder i used can be found here: https://www.mysensors.org/store/batteries

    0_1527534737064_iOS upload - ma 28 mei 2018 210101-2.JPG

    First step was to route the wires to the inside of the holder
    0_1527534743597_iOS upload - ma 28 mei 2018 210101-3.JPG

    Wires are now on the inside of the holder 😉
    0_1527534749666_iOS upload - ma 28 mei 2018 210101-4.JPG

    Remove the metal plate from the holder and cut a new slot. Measure the right distance so AAA batteries will fit.
    0_1527534764596_iOS upload - ma 28 mei 2018 210101-5.JPG

    Put some hot glue in the created gap behind the metal plate.
    0_1527534802156_iOS upload - ma 28 mei 2018 210422-7.JPG

    Put your components on the cover of the holder. In my case a Arduino Pro mini, a si7021 and a NRF module. I also cutted a slot for the NRF so the antenna is outside the holder.
    0_1527534818041_iOS upload - ma 28 mei 2018 210422-10.JPG

    Finished product
    0_1527534848426_iOS upload - ma 28 mei 2018 210101-11.JPG

  • Clever. I have a bunch of circuit boards stuck to the back of battery holders using hot glue. This looks much better.

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