Humidity sensor DHT22. No temperature showing and error when clicking Poll Now button in Veralite UI5 for Temp and Humidity

  • Error says:

    Command Failed: No Implementation

    Here's some screenshots:

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    did you try resetting the arduino with the on-board reset button?

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    The "Poll Now button" does not do anything for arduino devices. Like the message said "No Implementation" has been done for this functionality.

  • @korttoma Thanks! So how do I get the temperature to read?

    I must be missing something here. Arrgghhhh lol.

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    In the humidity sketch you can specify "SLEEP_TIME = 120;" in seconds how often the sensor will check temp and humidity value. After each check it then sends the new values IF the values have changed.

  • Success!!!!

    Thank you all for the assistance. I also posted in the Vera forums. I had SEVERAL problems. Most of which I should readily recognize and know how to correct, if they happen again. I'll go in the order of the ones I corrected first.

    #1 Configuration problem????

    Over and over I was told, it was a wiring issue. But initially, the gateway AND both devices showed up ( See screenshot ) But there were no Temperature or Humidity numbers showing up. Another thing you can see is the Last Updated Time. That's a very important field, because if it is not updating you know something is going on (At a glance)

    So initially, even though signs pointed to a wiring issue the fact that both sensors showed up led me to believe it was something else. So I checked all the wiring connections on the sensor device and everything had continuity. I then checked all the wiring connections on my gateway device and they were fine. I was PISSED! lol. I then noticed that the status window at the top of Vera had some Lua error and the Gateway device had a red status bar going across the bottom. I knew that meant something was going on with the Gateway device but I had already spent a lot of time troubleshooting so I ignored it for two weeks.

    I came back from vacation yesterday and decide to give it another go. I notice the error at the top of the Vera status said it couldn't communicate with the I/O port. I go to Apps|Develop Apps|Serial Port Configuration and notice it is not detecting the USB device.

    What in tarnation! I don't know if it's been like this the whole time, but I unplugged and replugged in the Gateway device, reload the Vera, and now the Vera is detecting the USB device. I then pull up the Gateway device (In my case it is named MySensors Plugin) and configure it per the instructions 8 data, 1 stop bit, and No parity. 115200 baud. I hit Reload and Voila! I error messages about Serial I/O are gone, the Lua Startup (What does THAT error mean in general?) error is gone, and the red status bar across the bottom of my Gateway device is gone.

    #2 I did not have the correct DHT library loaded, and I did not have the MySensors library (Sensor.h) loaded properly.

    I turn to the Humidity sensor device. Since it showed up initially, and the wiring was fine I am thinking it should work. However, I can't get the libraries loaded to get the sample code to compile. After checking the libraries and making sure I had the correct DHT library loaded (There's one library that works with plx-daq, and a DIFFERENT one that works with the MySensors code) the sample sketch would not compile. I then turned on verbose logging in my IDE (Arduino 1.0.5) and noticed that it was not finding Sensor.h I then found that was in the MySensors folder which was in my libraries folder. I then created a folder named Sensor.h in my libraries folder and put Sensor.h and Sensor.cpp in there. I compiled and now it said the version and ummmm config.h was missing. So I copied those into the folder as well and now it compiled. I then uploaded it immediately and Reloaded my Vera (Now I know you don't have to do that. As soon as you upload a sketch to your sensor device it normally connects to the Gateway device and Vera and begins working) and now I have numbers reporting for the Humidity and Temperature.

  • I am using the same senses DHT22 and having the same problem, no temperature Reading humidity seems to be working fine just doesn't make any sense.

  • okay I'v work that one out I've got it working, all I need to do now is go from Fahrenheit to Celsius

  • @andyuno that didn't take me long I'm getting good…at this:)

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