Domoticz RGB dimmer functionality changed?

  • Hello,
    Has there been some changes in MySensors behaviour of handling Domoticz RGB lights? So far I have built RGB nodes just defining S_RGB_LIGHT and and presenting them as V_RGB. In receive function there are then RGB color value and separate dimmer check. However, now after updating Domoticz and MySensors it seems that the dimming calculation is made somewhere automatically. The brightness value is included in the Domoticz message:

    2018-08-12 23:32:02.566 Status: setcolbrightnessvalue: ID: e8, bri: 95, color: '{m: 3, RGB: 73ff43, CWWW: 0000, CT: 0}'

    For example now in one sketch there are just only this in receive function:

      //-- Check for RGB message type
      if (message.type==V_RGB) {   
        //process the RGB hex code  
        String rgbHexString = message.getString();                    //Load the hex color code into a string
        currentColor = (uint32_t) strtol( &rgbHexString[0], NULL, 16);
        RGBcolor[0] = currentColor >> 16;
        RGBcolor[1] = currentColor >> 8 & 0xFF;
        RGBcolor[2] = currentColor & 0xFF;

    There used to be separate brightness (dimmer) message receiver code like this:

    if (message.type == V_DIMMER) {   
      if (message.sensor == LED_RGB_ID) { 
    dimValue = message.getInt(); 

    But now even it is deleted, the dimming works with only above V_RGB snippet. Domoticz color value seems to stay the same after dimming, so it has to be some change in MySensors functionality. If so, is there some variable/option which could be used for changing this behaviour?

    This is just fine in normal RGB nodes and probably the simplest way to do it, but in nodes where you have RGB animations (eg. rainbow) the dimming just don't work anymore because of missing separate dimming message.