SenseBender MQTT Ethernet Gateway - Ethernet stopped working with latest software build

  • SenseBender MQTT Ethernet Gateway - Ethernet stopped working with latest software build.

    Using the hardware with nRF24 radio from Itead and has been working for over 6 months. Came to add some local sensors and using the latest versions of all the software will not work with the Ethernet board. From the diagnostic data seems the software does not see the Ethernet board, which is the W5100 module from Itead. Diagnostic shows the IP to be if fixed defined or if using DHCP 'No DHCP' found. Purchased a new set of hardware from Itead as I thought I had damaged the board but exactly the same problem. Using the same hardware and loading the serial gateway software, the unit works correctly so seems something has changes in the Ethernet board driver part of the software over the last 6 months. I do not remember what the versions of the software was that worked, unfortunately!

    None of the Ethernet test software works either so must be a driver issue. Anyone with suggestions please?

  • @andy5211d Sorted. After trying to use different versions and combinations of the various files nothing made any difference; it had to be an issue with the include file to drive the Ethernet module. I discovered the default configuration for a new Ardunio IDE install uses includes from a different location compared to my original software build. Thus the Ethernet.h file was the default Ardunio sketch not the one for the SAMD board included in MySensors and as suspected the Ethernet module was not being communicated with.

    Using the verbose options for the compiler in the IDE preferences it is possible to see which 'includes' are used. So far I have not been able to 'drive' the compiler to use specific locations and the description of how and the order of Library preference is not that clear to me. There are now IDE warnings about nRF5 but as I don't use nRF5's its not important, these are different issues though.

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