IEC 62056-21 Energy meter

  • Hello,
    I'm planning to build a MySensor node to read my energy meter using the optic interface.
    That interface communicates through the protocol IEC62056-21 / IEC1107

    Anyone have already used this procotol?

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    @diogoc Not familiar with that protocol, but it would be quite easy to read UART through an optical isolator, if you were to decide on that instead.

  • I have almost working this communication.

    Comercial optical probes like this are expensive:
    Optical probe

    So I build a optical probe based on this schematic
    DIY 62056-21 optical probe

    Communication protocol tested on my meter:

    Baudrate: 300 bps, 7 bits, parity even, 1 stop bit
    Send:     /?!<CR><LF>         (wake-up and sign-on)
    Receive:  /XXX5YYYYY<CR><LF>  (XXX is the manufacturer ID; YYYYY is the meter ID; 5 is the new baudrate = 9600 bps)
    Send:     <ACK>050<CR><LF>    (send ack; reading mode)
    Baudrate: 9600 bps, 7 bits, parity even, 1 stop bit
    Received: C.1(201236731.0(01:39 25-08-18)

    Now I only have to parse the values of tarif 1 (1.8.1), tarif 3 (1.8.3), and total (1.8)

  • @diogoc Did you make it work eventually?
    What code did you use?
    Did you build optical probe only by the left part of the diagram, ignoring USB interface?
    I found someone selling DIY kit as per diagram above

  • This looks like the DSMR meters, you can read it without optical isolation as the meter itself is already isolated.
    Google on DSMR reading and you will find lots of examples

  • Yes I have it working.
    Just send the commands "/?!<CR><LF>" and "<ACK>050<CR><LF>" and read the response back.
    I used the left part of schematic and connected the RX and TX directly to the atmega328.

    @electrik my meter don't have a physical communication port, so I have to use the optic interface

  • @diogoc do you have a working sketch? I worked on the same topic for a landys & gyr uh50 heat counter. It's not a real 62056-21 protocol, initialization is different.
    Best regards

  • @jogant hi, i am working on this project and made a probe according with schematic only left part,i test on actaris ace5000 and send that command unfortunately i dont recieve respond , can you help me?

  • @bns unfortunately not really. What I learned from reading alot on different internet pages is that there are many proprietary implementations of the standard IEC 62056-21 protocol.
    The Landis & Gyr UH550 expects 40 NUL chars before the initial sequence "/?!<CR><LF>". This seems to be a kind of wake up of the IR interface and has to be sent with 7 bit and 300 baud. After that the meter answers with its model number and than switches to 2400 baud with 7 bits and parity and then sends the rest of its current values. But unfortunately not common used OBIS datagrams but only the correct form with own OBIS number format.
    Hope this is of any help.

  • Hi , i made my own optic probe , i can read all data with an arduino. Also i prepared a video about how it works. Here is the description video :
    Bitirme Tezim | Elektrik Sayaçlarının Okunması IEC1107 | OPTIK PROBE HAZIRLIYORUZ! – 05:33
    — Volkan

  • @volkan-s-space
    hi , last week i could do it and read a meter; but for set clock and date i dont know what commend is for it
    i can read act5000 and jam200

  • @bns
    Hi , which circuit you use in order to read data from meter ? my circuit or anohter , just i wonder.
    Do u use any mcu to send data or usb-ttl?

  • @volkan-s-space
    at the first , i only used two led tx , rx and when i get answer i made circuit above that diogoc put it,i only used left part and connected to usb to ttl , and so get obis codes and now i m analyzing obis codes , im trying to set clock the meter but i have not done yet. could you do it?

  • Sorry , i have not try yet.

  • hi, i'm working on optical probe too.

    as far as i know, to change anything in power meter - date and time too - you must enter a password, which isn't easy to get - almost impossible 😉 there are different levels of access to power meters - without password we can ony read some values - if your power supplier grant you to read them - some power meters has optical interface disabled.

  • @diogoc
    Hi, have you placed the sensor over the arduino? I try to do the same, but I'm not. Could he send the code?

    Thank you

  • @diogoc any chance you can re-post your schematic. There is nothing there when I click on it.

  • @Volkan-s-Space any chance you can post another link to your video so I can take a look, thanks.

  • @kes Here is the schematic
    Probe schematic

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