Creating a Blind/Roller Shutter like Fibaro FGR221

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    We have 17 rollers at home and they all have a motor and open/close using a clock or by pressing the according button.

    These thing 'scream' to be integrated in our HA but using the Fibaro FGR221 is 'a bit' expensive.

    So, to me they are ideal for a MySensors project.

    However, size and size and size are key here.

    Did anybody try this already?
    Is anybody aware of relays (250v) that are small enough?



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    Hi Marcel,

    Whats the "according button" - is it a wireless remote? or a mains switch?
    Is there one button per blind?


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    Good question Greg!

    The control unit is wired and built into a (european) wall box ( dunno how to call it in english 🙂 ).
    So it is not a wireless unit.

    There are 4 buttons:
    1 button for roller up
    1 button for roller down
    1 button for roller stop and used as a set button
    1 button to set the time on the clock

    There are also 4 contacts:

    1. VCC (250v) - in
    2. Ground - in
    3. Roller Up - out
    4. Roller Down - out

    The Roller is calibrated so that it stops when reaching its end point when going up or down.

  • According to my research, remotely controlled Roller Shutter Controller of FIBARO system is designed to control motors of roller shutters, awnings, etc. It has the function of detecting the current state of a controlled device, e.g. position of roller shutter. It is very useful for all homeowners.

  • Did you have any further experience/information about roller shutter in mysensors environment to share ? It is quite an hot point for me...

  • Any practical experience with Fibaro in mysensors environment?

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