Intel Edison controller

  • Hi all,
    This is my first post on this forum but I've been lurking in the back for some months now.
    The combination of cheap/reliable wireless with Arduino is very attractive ... allows quick development of all kinds of nodes. This aspect of MySensors is also pretty simple to understand.
    The 'controller' piece I've found quite a bit more difficult to understand 😄 Too many options I guess and it's not yet clear to me which direction I will take.

    I've currently build a controller using the Intel Edison module: picture

    For people that don't know Edison:
    Node.js is already on the standard distribution that comes with Edison; MongoDB I have installed (relatively easy as the Edison is x86 architecture).
    NodeJScontroller is up & running ... events are nicely logged into the MongoDB.
    I can query the DB from another machine & see sensor values to be added.

    My questions would be: What to do next?
    I would like to connect to OpenHAB (with intention to also run OpenHAB on the Edison). I've not been successfull with the MQTTGAteway arduino code directly ... and I'm also not sure if this is the 'right' direction for a solid MySensor binding to OpenHAB. Preferably I would have a controller (Edison) which runs the NodeJScontroller to establish the network, update firmware etc ... log data to mongoDB for archiving&visualisation & run a MQTTserver next to it to communicate events to OpenHAB.
    Is this the right approach?
    Any hints how to get there? (I can hack around quite a bit but my .js knowledge is zero)

  • Hello Kurt

    Sorry I can´t help you with your question but I´m trying to install Mongodb in the Edison board. Can you please give me any hint on how to install it?

    Many thanks

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