How to make tube lights smart with Philips Hue Tap?

  • Hello everyone,

    I'm an IT student from the Netherlands. They have asked me to research into making "dumb" physical things, smart.
    I came up with the idea of making tube lights smart.

    My requirements are a Raspberry Pi model 3B, Domoticz, NodeRED, a relay for that Raspberry Pi and Philips Hue Tap.

    The question is to figure out if I can make sure one of the buttons of the Philips Hue Tap can turn the tube lights off and on. The other buttons remain for the Philips Hue lights, which is not hard to do at all.
    I've found different solutions around the web with Sonoff which makes everything a lot easier, but I am required to use Philips Hue Tap.

    Is there anyone that would be so kind to help me out? I'd greatly appreciate any help/information.

    Kind regards,

  • @thaliquids I would tackle this by finding a controller (here's a few examples of controllers: that supports Philips Hue. The controller would then get an event each time a button is pressed on the tap. Then you link a script or other action to that event which switches the tube light on or off.

    The advantage of using a controller is that the corresponding action can be done on a device totally different from Hue (MySensors, Sonoff, Z-Wave etc.)

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