Decoupler capacitor

  • I'm testing with sensors now and i have a question about the decoupler capacitor.

    Is it better to put always a capacitor on the nrf? And i have some 10uF. Does it matter if its 4.7uF or 10uF?

    Oh and on the troubleshoot page i read 47uF and on the radio connector page 4.7uF.

  • You can say that for decoupling of the power supply it is better the bigger you have (within some reason) So 47µF is better than 4.7µF, I use 10µF on all my radios and that is Ok I think 4.7µF is a bit to small.

  • In many cases the nrf will work without a decoupling capacitor. It doesn't hurt to give it a shot without one. If you are having problems without one, or just want to add it now, any capacitor measured in the nano, or micro farads would be better than none at all. So go ahead and use the 10uF capacitors you already have.

  • Thank you. And what about the low ESR capacitors?